Institutional Investment Mandates


The Mandates section allows users to search and filter through investment mandates based on various criteria such as Mandate Status, Date Range, Geographic Region, Investment Style, Asset Study, Consultant, Plan Name, Plan Type, City, State, and Country. The filters can be applied in a grid or list view, making it easy for users to view results in a format that suits them best. 

Discover Investment RFPs And Track Mandates

Users can filter by investment style, such as Active Equity, Active Fixed-Income, Alternative, Multi Asset, Passive Equity, Passive Fixed-Income, Private Equity, Public-Private Investment Program, Real Assets, and Real Estate. Within each investment style, users can further narrow down their search by selecting from a sub-filter, which allows users to search for mandates based on specific asset classes, such as Credit, Currency, Hedge Fund, Multi-Asset, or Transition Management. Additionally, users can filter by Attributes, which include criteria such as Environmental, Social, and Governance, Smart Beta, or Low Volatility.

Mandate Status filtering allows users to search for investment mandates based on their current status, whether it is Potential, New Lead, Ongoing, Completed, or Closed.

The Date Range filter enables users to search for mandates based on when they were created or updated.

The Geographic Region filter allows users to search for mandates based on a specific geographic region such as Asia, Europe, or the US.

Users can also filter by the entities involved in the mandate, including consultant, plan name, plan type, city, state, country, and even comments. In addition, users can filter by a manager's status, such as Finalist, Hired, Terminated, or Watch.

Save Your Search Inquiries And Enable Custom Email Alerts

All of your Mandate searches can be saved for future reference. You can also enable email alerts for your searches to stay on top of important updates without even having to log in. Whenever there is new information relevant to your search, you will receive an email notification directly to your inbox. Searches are fully customizable, allowing you to tailor the content of the email alerts to your specific needs.

Mandates Section Summary

The Mandates section allows users to quickly and easily search for investment mandates that meet their specific criteria, making it an essential tool for investment professionals who need to find new investment opportunities or stay up to date on existing mandates.

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