FIN Searches & Aapryl Partner to Bring Portfolio Data, Performance Analysis to Investment Managers


FIN Searches, a leading institutional investor database, and Aapryl, a manager research and analytics platform, have formed a new partnership that will bring more comprehensive portfolio data and performance analysis to the fingertips of investment managers.

The new partnership will combine Aapryl's analytical tools with FIN Searches' institutional search and hire coverage to create a singular resource for evaluating investment manager selection and portfolio construction, as well as understanding how investors and consultants are viewing managers.

By embedding Aapryl's functionality into FIN Searches, users will now be able to see firm-level asset and ownership data, as well as dive into performance data on individual strategies, including the ability to compare managers' portfolios.

"FIN Searches is the leader in reporting on investment manager searches and hires in the institutional marketplace. The incorporation of Aapryl's research and ranking tools will help firms understand the 'why and how' around manager research and selection and how they can stand out in a competitive marketplace," FIN Searches Managing Partner Matthew McCue said.

This integration will enable investment managers to see where they stand among their peers and identify potential opportunity sets moving forward. They can compare themselves to competitors in finalist presentations, assess how their strategy complements current managers utilized by an investor and understand the factors that consultants are favoring in their manager analysis.

Aapryl's platform compares managers by evaluating manager performance in the context of their style factor and peer group to identify truly skillful investment managers and predict those most likely to outperform their peers on a go-forward basis. The platform can also determine which style factors and asset classes are outperforming and identify market trends to better inform asset allocation.

"We are excited to bring FIN Searches users our quantitative, comparative analysis within an already robust platform designed to give managers a leg up when searching for and vying for mandates. Additionally, we look forward to providing users with the ability to leverage our proprietary research and ranking tools and predictive capabilities within their marketing efforts," added David Andrade, General Manager of Aapryl.

The new feature is currently available for a limited time to all FIN Searches users and will be available going forward as an add-on feature for database subscribers. Further information on FIN Searches and its capabilities can be found at  

Managers interested in more information on Aapryl's analytical tools and the full Aapryl feature-set can learn more at

About Aapryl

Aapryl, a subsidiary of Xponance Inc., is a financial technology company that provides investors with cutting edge tools designed to identify the top investment managers and build portfolios and manage risk for both equity and fixed income funds. Additionally, Aapryl has a Manager Diagnostic analytical tool for investment managers wanting to understand how they are being viewed by investors and consultants, comparing their results relative to peers. Because many systems that investors use only provide traditional statistics on a manager's past, investors are often choosing investment managers without any insight into how they might perform going forward. Aapryl solves this problem by leveraging a unique methodology that allows investors to identify managers that are most likely to be successful in the future relative to their peers. For more information on Aapryl, please visit us at or for more information on Xponance please visit us at

About FIN Searches

For over 15 years, FIN Searches has provided crucial data intelligence to the institutional investment community. Through our reporting and research we have helped asset managers find new business and cultivate relationships with institutional investors. Our database offers news on investment manager searches and hires each day along with an accurate and robust directory component that helps users take charge of their interests. We offer hundreds of search filters across our mandate, plan, consultant, manager and document sections that allow you to create a customized user experience matching your interests.


David Andrade
General Manager, Aapryl

Matthew McCue
Managing Partner, FIN Searches

Prosek Partners (on behalf of Aapryl)


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