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Our "5 Questions" feature is a series of interviews or Q&A sessions where experts in the institutional investment world are asked five key questions related to their work, experiences, and perspectives. These questions typically delve into their roles, insights, challenges, and personal interests. The purpose of this feature is to provide concise yet informative snapshots of an individual's expertise and experiences, offering valuable insights and perspectives on various topics.


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- Provides insights from institutional investment experts across various sectors.
- Highlights strategies for successful impact investing and managing diverse portfolios.
- Emphasizes the importance of aligning investment decisions with mission-driven goals.
- Offers perspectives on emerging opportunities, challenges, and market trends.
- Showcases how partnerships contribute to social responsibility and equity-focused investments.

Latest Interviews:

Karl Scheer, CIO
University Of Cincinnati

Karl Scheer, with over a decade as the CIO at the University of Cincinnati overseeing $2 billion in assets, brings a private market background from his prior roles at alternative asset firms. His role underscores the importance of a dedicated investment team and the university's inspiring mission. Scheer also shares a notable encounter with a private equity firm featuring a famous rockstar partner and his views on needed changes in endowment and institutional investing. Additionally, he raises concerns about alignment between private fund Limited Partners and General Partners.

Read the full interview.


Andrew Spellar, CIO
Fairfax County (Va.) Employees' Retirement System
Andrew Spellar, as the CIO of Fairfax County Employees’ Retirement System overseeing $4.6 billion, has witnessed its evolution under stable leadership. He emphasizes the significance of a forward-thinking board and a consistent investment philosophy, with his favorite aspect being collaboration with talented investment leaders while maintaining intellectual curiosity. Spellar's investment approach prioritizes risk allocation and broad diversification to navigate market conditions, and he sheds light on his organization's method for sourcing investment managers, stressing the importance of consistency and complementary strategies.

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John Balbach, Director Of Impact Investments
MacArthur Foundation
John Balbach serves as the Director of Impact Investments at the MacArthur Foundation, managing the organization's approximately $500 million impact investment pool. He oversees initiatives like the Catalytic Capital Consortium and Benefit Chicago, aimed at supporting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and investing in nonprofits and social enterprises.

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Rose Dean, Senior Consultant
Rose Dean is a Senior Consultant at NEPC, an investment consulting firm. She joined the firm to expand its West Coast and Midwest presence. Dean discusses settling into her role at NEPC and her excitement for contributing to its growth. She emphasizes the importance of people in her job and the opportunities and threats in risk management.

Read the full interview.


Amy Hill, V.P. of Investments and Administration
Polk Bros. Foundation
Amy Hill is the Vice President of Investments and Administration at the Polk Bros. Foundation, overseeing its $408 million investment portfolio. She collaborates with Morgan Stanley Wealth Management to align investments with the foundation's mission, including impact investments and diverse-owned managers. Hill highlights opportunities in fixed-income investments and private credit markets.

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