Asset Manager Fees Database


As part of our ongoing development of FIN Searches, we're excited to announce the addition of the Asset Manager Fees section. This new addition is the result of thorough document analysis from various plans, resulting in over two thousand datapoints that can greatly support your research efforts. 

Get started by scrolling over the Managers tab and selecting the "Manager Fees" option from the dropdown, or click here.

The Asset Manager Fees section provides asset managers with valuable insights into the fees charged across different investment strategies, based on real data from pension plan reports and investment manager presentations. By leveraging data from current pension funds, access real-time information on the what investment managers are actually being paid as well as data on what investment managers are proposing to potential clients.

Measure Your Current Investment Management Fees

Managers have the ability to assess data by multiple fee formats like percentage, basis points or decimal figures that will provide insight into how your firm compares to others within your asset class.

Understand Asset Manager Fees Plans Are Paying Current Managers

By leveraging data from current pension funds, access real-time information on the compensation received by other asset managers, whether shown actual or proposed fee amounts.

Research Competitors

Gain valuable insights by performing searches that allow you to filter by individual firm name or minimum/maximum management fee to review your direct competitor's flat or tiered figures. 

Document Sourcing

With Documents module access, users will be able to view the corresponding document that we sourced the data. As we continue to expand our documents library, you can expect the fee information to be regularly updated, ensuring the most current and comprehensive data is available to you.

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